Flip in Italy loves Korea



Kim Jonghyun´s Airport Fashion Part 2

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He is so expensive. I love it.

Minguk and the corndog 


Happy Birthday Oppa! I love youu


The fire is sleeping..

minguk asking for potatoes


Tablo reveals that his daughter Haru remembers being inside Kang Hye Jung’s womb

Tablo talked about how his adorable daughter Haru remembers being inside her mother’s womb on the October 14 radio broadcast of MBC FM‘s ‘Tablo’s Dreaming Radio.’

When one listener stated to Tablo…

I’ve got you, bro!

Bom with Dony, Dara and CL @ AON in Macau requested by anonymous

the first time ever I saw you play (II)

When Jaerim leaned in, he started humming the theme song of GHOST. Hahaha~